Icone Nossa História

Our History

The successful history of Companhia Cacique de Café Solúvel starts from the entrepreneur vision of its founder, Mr. Horácio Sabino Coimbra, which is shared by his successors and directors.

Follow its trajectory on the timeline.

  • 1959

    Founding of the Cia. Cacique de Café Solúvel

  • 1966

    Opening of the Factory

    Opening of the Soluble Unit Factory

  • 1970

    Cacique signs an agreement with Pelé

  • 1970

    Throw the filter away

    Launching of the soluble coffee in the internal market with the campaign "Throw the filter away".

  • 1971

    Founding of the Roasted and Ground Coffee Unit

  • 1984

    The great turnaround of Café Pelé

    Cacique promotes the great turnaround for Café Pele - Change in packaging and revitalization of the product image

  • 1995

    Launching of Cappuccino Cacique

    Launching of Cappuccino Cacique - 1st company to launch cappuccino in cans and jars

  • 1997

    Sabino Coimbra Memorial

    Opening of Horácio Sabino Coimbra Memorial, with an artistic wall reproducing the coffee route, made by the visual artist Luiz Trevisan

  • 1998

    Packaging change

    This year also saw a great change in packages, with slender golden traces and a new concept.

  • 2000

    Opening of the Freeze Dried Factory

  • 2001

    New Special Roasted and Ground coffees

    250gr sachets focused on consumers with a refined taste. Organic and Gourmet Versions.

  • 2007

    Packaging change

    Café Pelé launches new and young packages.

  • 2012

    Launching of new soluble and breakfast products

    Gourmet Lyophilized Soluble, Creamy Powder Soluble Coffee and Caramel-flavor Cappuccino in limited edition.

  • 2014

    Repositioning of the Café Pelé brand...

    Café Pelé not only changed its packaging layout, but also brought more smoothness and female elements to its communication. Launching of the campaign "O café é Pelé, mas o cafezinho é seu" (The coffee powder is Pelé, but the coffee is yours), stared by actress Juliana Pcertificacoesaes.

  • 2015

    Lançamento da nova Marca Graníssimo

    A Cia. Cacique lança uma nova linha, composta por produtos desenvolvidos com blends diferenciados e sabor equilibrado, na versão Torrado e Moído, Cápsulas e Filtros. E relança a marca Tropical, que ganha um visual renovado e brasileiro.