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Cacique Coffee

Spray Dried

This soluble coffee powder, made with the best Brazilian beans, offers a product with several flavor profiles.


Also known as granulated, the process gives rise to a more sophisticated and elegant product, while maintaining the delicious aroma and flavor of the best coffees.

Freeze Dried

Only water is removed during the sublimation process in a high vacuum chamber, producing a premium quality coffee with the original flavor and full-bodied aroma impact. This coffee is destined for the world’s most demanding gourmet markets.


Coffee oil is obtained from a refined method of cold-pressing the beans.


In addition to selling in bulk, Cacique also offers bottled products with customized packaging and labels for each customer.


The best soluble coffee available in bulk on super sack or carton box.


The coffee extract is extracted preserving the essence of aroma and flavor of the selected beans.

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Cacique Coffee

Guarantee of quality and innovation for over 60 years

Cacique follows the evolution of the market and the preferences of global consumers, so it specializes in developing exclusive blends for distinct cultures.

Therefore, the products meet the needs and preferences of each customer, who can choose the roasting color and the level of acidity, bitterness, and aroma.

Cacique coffee is the ideal combination between state-of-the-art technology in production processes and typically Brazilian beans, which add personality and remarkable sensory characteristics.

Certified quality

The rigorous commitment to the quality of each product delivered and to sustainability and continuous improvement is attested by the certifications achieved

Trusted partners

The supplier qualification routine involves registration evaluation, social, environmental and reputational suitability, ensuring that Cacique invests in responsible partners who generate value for society and the environment

Build your brand with Cacique

Thinking about the convenience of its partners, Cacique has a Marketing Department that develops customized coffee brands for each customer. The service includes the creation of the visual identity, logo, labels and shipping boxes and is ideal for those who want practicality and quality.

Can peel off

50g, 100g, 200g

Standard glass

50g, 100g, 200g

King Glass

50g, 100g, 200g


40g, 50g, 100g



Box sticks 25


Box sticks 100