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Sustainable Cacique

The continuos search for sustainable development is a value rooted in Cacique throughout its history of more than 60 years, is part of its strategies and is one of the factors that determine the credibility and leadership in the world market of soluble coffee exports.

Investing in solutions that are capable of minimizing environmental and social impacts is the company’s hallmark, recognized for the constancy of initiatives that go beyond mere compliance with legal requirements.

This culture of sustainability is based on three fundamental tasks: caring for the environment, caring for society and caring for human capital.


Cacique feels responsible for preserving the environment and the welfare of all people involved in the production of soluble coffee. Therefore, it invests in partners that share its values, respect environmental limits and, above all, serve as an instrument of social inclusion.

The company understands that sustainable coffee production is essential, not only to strengthen market competitiveness and profitability, but mainly to ensure the survival of coffee farming in Brazil and the world, something essential for future generations.

Practical and effective actions have a commitment to use natural resources efficiently, especially non-renewable ones, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect forests, invest in clean energy and in innovations that enable production with the lowest possible impact; defend the human rights of the entire supply chain, adhere to the highest ethical standards of trade.

The Company maintains an Environmental Management System certified in accordance with the ISO-14001:2015 standard since 2023.


Green Advance - 2022

0 %

Reduction of GHG emissions compared to baseline – 2020

0 %

Reduction of water use per ton of
product compared to baseline – 2020

0 %

Use of energy from renewable sources mantained compared to baseline – 2020

0 %

Increase of water reuse amount
Compared to baseline – 2020
Total water reuse: 25%

0 %

Reduction of solid waste compared to baseline – 2020

0 %

Reduction of water discharge per ton
of product compared to baseline – 2020

0 %

Solid waste destined to recycling or composting



According to the Cacique Code of Conduct, the company recognizes its social and environmental obligation to its host communities. It also supports projects that care for the customs, traditions and values of society and that are committed to the education of future generations and the preservation of the environment.

In addition, it adopts fair and ethical criteria in its relations with employees; repudiates the use of child labor or slave labor; values workforce diversity and ensures equal opportunities.

It invests in the training and continuous qualification of its employees; it ensures health and safety to workers, offering all the necessary conditions and equipment for their protection and promotes activities that enable a balance between professional, personal and family life.

Employees - 2022

Workers among employees,
contractors and interns

Turnover rate: 17.3% per year.

Length of tenure of employees: 9.3 years.

Average age of employees: 38.3 years.

22,5% of employees are under 30 years old

63,7% of employees are between 30 and 50 years.

13,8% of employees are over 50 years old.

+ 0

Hours invested in training and development in 2022

Trainings covered topics such as:  “GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices; certifications; recycling in Occupational Safety; ESG aspects with a special focus on human rights, diversity, internal standards and code of conduct; GDPL – General Data Protection Law; environmental management system; environmental aspects and impacts. 

PLR – Profit Sharing: the practice of distributing to employees a portion of the results obtained during the year, in recognition of their efforts to meet established goals.

0 %

Employees covered by collective bargaining and systems of occupational health and safety management.

Occupational gymnastics, offered to employees at all units.

Lectures for employees and their families on emerging themes in the area of hygiene, health and safety.

Sports activities for employees and dependents including games, internal championships, physical conditioning.

Local communities

65 initiatives from local communities supported by the
Company in 2022 with its own investments and through tax incentive laws


Support to COPATI – Consortium for the Protection of the Tibagi River Basin.

Education & Culture

Support to the Pingo d’Água Programme – Londrina/PR

(Environmental Education – Public Schools)

Culture Incentive Law
Música & Cena Brazil Association – Cacique Concerts – Londrina/PR

Support to the initiatives of America Sabino Coimbra Public School

 Londrina / PR

Support to initiatives from the following Schools / Institutions:

– Early Childhood Education Center Leodovico Danatelli – Bebedouro – Linhares/ES

– Elementary School Eliana Correa Pinaffo Bebedouro Linhares/ES

– Novo Signo Social Educational and Beneficent Institute CEI Marabá – Londrina/PR

– Nursery School Matilde Vicentini – CEI Matilde – Londrina/PR

Health and Well-Begin

Linhare/ES City Hall Ambulances Donation

Municipal Fund for the Rights of the Elderly

Support to Lar Maria Tereza Vieira – Londrina/PR

Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents

Linhares Pestalozzi Association – DoroTEA Project – Linhares/ES

Sports Incentive Law

SOU CIDAÇÃO Institute – Campeões na Bola e na Escola Project

Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents

Obras Nossa Senhora da Penha (INSP) – Virando o Jogo Project

Support to the initiatives of the Reference Center of Social Assistance – Bebedouro – Linhares/ ES
Integrated Qualification Program

Bebedouro Community Association

Donation of food baskets and mineral water

Other institutions supported in 2022:

– Casa de Apoio Madre Leônia – Londrina/PR

– Casa do Caminho – Londrina/PR

– Comunidade Aliança Toca de Assis – Londrina/PR

– ILES – Instituto Londrinense de Educação de Surdos – Londrina/PR

– Cooperativa de Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis – Cambé/PR (região metropolitana de Londrina)

– Grupo de Apoio à Vida Tok de Amor – Londrina/PR

– Instituto do Câncer de Londrina

– Associação de Produtores e Moradores do Baixo Quarte – Linhares/ES

– Associação Campeões de Vida – Linares / ES

– Associação Comunitária de Bebedouro – Linhares/ES

Other initiatives

Desenvolve Londrina Forum 2022 Edition – LONDRINA/PR

Agro Debate Londrina Forum 2022 Edition  LONDRINA/PR


The practice of Governance in Cacique is based on solid values and principles of ethics, honesty, diversity, fairness and integrity towards customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and all other stakeholders with whom the Company relates.

All employees, members of the Governing Bodies, service providers, suppliers, among others, must know and apply the Cacique Code of Conduct, in addition to complying with the regulatory requirements of occupational health and safety, and be committed to the protection and preservation of the environment.

To ensure compliance with this conduct, the Company adopts robust compliance processes, conducts constant internal training and values transparency in all its relationships, activities and business.

Especially with regard to suppliers and service providers, a rigorous process of registration, social, environmental and reputational suitability assessment is adopted. The qualification routine ensures that Cacique invests in responsible partners who generate value for society and the environment.

Good governance practices


• Board of Directors.

• Executive Officers.

• Supervisory Board.

• SIG – Integrated Management System and Sustainability.

• RSA – Socio-environmental Responsibility.

Cacique's Code of Conduct

Cacique’s Code of Conduct has as its main objective to be a guide that establishes the principles, values and rules that guide the corporate conduct of its members in internal and external relations.

The document was prepared in accordance with the ETI – Ethical Trading Initiative | Base Code, which complies with the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), and in accordance with Law No. 12,846/2013 and Decree No. 8,420/2015, which establishes anti-corruption mechanisms the document also reflects the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.



•  Bylaws, policies and manuals
​We continuously develop and update tools to strengthen our corporate governance, such as our Bylaws, policies, internal regulations and manuals.

•  Partner Entities
The Company is part of and engages with initiatives of the following entities that guide practices in the economic, environmental and social spheres:

• Commercial and Industrial Association of Londrina – ACIL

• Brazilian Association of Soluble Coffee Industries – ABICS